Getting the best for your pet requires getting the right fit.  These guidelines will help you make sure your new accessory is just right for your baby.

  • Use a tailors tape or string and a ruler to get the proper dimensions for the product your selecting.  When measuring place the tape around the portion of the body you are selecting but, don’t get too tight.   You should be able to get your finger between the the tape and your pet.
  • Most of our products have several securing holes in them to allow for slight adjustments.  The measurement we use is to the center hole of the product to the bar in the center of the buckle as shown below.







  • Use this measurement guide for both collars and harnesses or any of our products that use a buckle strap attachment.
  • Harnesses come in many varieties and can be at times a bit confusing for proper use.  Just remember that when your pet is properly in their harness, the loop for the leash should be on your pets back.
dog harness connection loop

Harness Connecting Loop










  • Measurements for clothing will also follow similar rules but you may need to take into consideration the materials and the overall fit.  Knitted items, for example, may stretch a bit so you may want to be a bit more conservative on your dimensions.
  • Always keep your pet’s comfort in mind.  No one likes to wear something that is binding… no matter how cute it is.


  • You may need to measure a few dimensions on your pet depending on the product you have selected.  Below are the points that are usually described in our products.

dog measuring points areas






And always remember, if you should need help you can reach out to us through the contact us link! Happy Shopping!