Who is Danielle Schatteman?

danielle schatteman with jaxon and lola

I have always had a deep affection for dogs. All our friends knew that I’d be more than happy to watch their dogs for them, so I was usually the designated dog sitter for everyone we knew. They were only supposed to be temporary guests but most of them ended up staying with me!

Milou, a purebred Min Pin Blue loved being with us so much that he leapt out of his owner’s car to come back to us! He lived with us for over 14 years. Eventually there came a time when I found we had 5 dogs living with us and I knew that I could make something of it—that’s when Pawsdeluxe was born! And I’ve devoted myself to it ever since! I couldn’t think of a better way to express my great love for animals than to make extraordinary pet accessories!

For many years, my love for dogs lay on the sidelines: I was an interior designer with a successful showroom, Decadence Home Decor, in Los Angeles. I was the first independent retailer to sell Fendi Casa in the US. I also spent 15 years building luxury homes: my work was published in Angelino Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Departures, and Bungalux.

After an unsuccessful back surgery, I was confined to a wheelchair for 5 years. Suddenly I had physical limitations but I used this disruption in my life to focus my creative energy on smaller things that I could easily carry and move. I developed an online department store that sells extraordinary pet accessories for cats and dogs and named it Pawsdeluxe. We cater to pet owners who want nothing but the best for their babies!

The CEOs of Pawsdeluxe are Jaxon and Lola, our two precious Chihuahuas. Everything revolves around them so of course they’re the bosses! They may be little, but Jaxon sounds like a Doberman when anyone gets near our door, and Lola chimes in with her high-pitched little voice that drowns out conversation. All of our extraordinary pet accessories get the Jaxon and Lola seal of approval before they go on sale!

At Pawsdeluxe we sell nine kinds of extraordinary pet accessories—they’re all amazingly fun and come in Luxury and Extravagance, and they’re all available on the website! I also have a small boutique inside the Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills. Did I mention Cristophe is my husband?! Getting to work with him is a wonderful plus!

We sell high end beds for cats and dogs, faux fur carry bags, the cutest, most luxurious dresses, harness vests with Swarovski Crystal embellishments, and attire for weddings and special occasions, all of them so haute, I find myself wanting to wear them!

We also carry top-of-the-line collars and leads with the most elegant bling possible. For our PETA advocates, we also carry them in Eco-Leather!

Most of our precious items are hand-made, and many of our designer items can be made to custom sizes and designs, so you can get truly unique and extraordinary pet accessories!

Watch this space! Visit us regularly for more outstanding items for sale and fun pet stories!

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